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6402 Arlington Boulevard,, Suite 371, Falls Church, Virginia 22042

Litigation Practice

Fighting for your rights under the law

From our Seven Corners office, we represent individuals and businesses as plaintiffs or defendants in civil and criminal litigation including:

Our firm’s philosophy is to seek solutions through negotiation, settlement or plea bargaining before litigating a matter in court. But when a case cannot be resolved without resorting to litigation, we believe that there is no substitute for knowledge and preparation.  When we go to court, we go to win for our clients.


When you are overwhelmed by bills or threatened with foreclosure, seeking bankruptcy protection may be the best course of action.  We have significant experience helping individuals and businesses in these situations.

Business litigation

We represent businesses and individuals as plaintiffs or defendants in lawsuits involving breach of contract or fiduciary duty, partnership disputes, insurance coverage, employment issues, fraud, negligence, rescission and collections of money owed.

Civil litigation

Civil litigation is a legal dispute between two or more parties for money damages or specific performance.  We litigate civil suits including those that result from breach of an agreement or contract, or from failure to pay for goods sold or services performed.

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Criminal defense

Our firm represents clients throughout the D.C. metro area and across northern Virginia in many types of criminal cases, including misdemeanors, felonies and grand jury cases.  Many criminal cases never go all the way to trial, but are settled out of court.  We advise you on when the circumstances and potential consequences make a plea bargain a better alternative to going to trial.  But we are fully prepared to defend you in court when that is likely to produce a better outcome.


We know how frightening it can be when you or family members receive that initial notification that you are being deported or refused re-entry into the country.  Our firm handles relief from removal appeals to the attorney general, the secretary of Homeland Security, immigration officials, the immigration courts or the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).  We help clients avoid removal by all available pathways including seeking asylum, adjustment of status, cancellation of removal, voluntary departure and even post-judgment relief.

Real estate and land use litigation

Our experience in real estate acquisitions, sales, financing, development, management, construction, zoning and syndication issues equip us to assist and guide clients through real estate and land use litigation when the matter cannot be settled satisfactorily through negotiation.

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Results matter

At Nguyen & Nguyen, P.C., we understand the importance of the legal challenges you face.  We are dedicated, knowledgeable and forceful advocates with a strong history of obtaining positive results for our clients throughout northern Virginia, Maryland and the greater Washington, D.C. metro area.  We invite you to contact us online or call 703-534-0805 today to discuss your personal, family or business legal issues.